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Principal's Corner

Starting 2018-2019 on the right foot!

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As the 2018-2019 school year gets ready to begin, think, and ask questions about what your vision is for the year.

My Goals:

Explore Pre-K opportunities for the community.

Focus on Student Learning Targets K-12, ensure that the students and the teachers know what the daily learning target is, how they are accomplishing it, how do they know they accomplished it, and how to we keep it?

Evaluate all the curriculum and ensure that the resources are aligned with the learning targets and Missouri Learning Standards.

Continue the Student Advisory Meeting monthly with class officers, NHS, and Student Council Reps. 

Develop a Community Advisory once a month before the board meetings and establish a strong relationship with parents, community members, and stakeholders. 

Establish a Leadership Team within the school of teachers and staff.

Stay active in the community and inspire teachers and staff to get involved in at least one leadership role within the community and school.

Begin a book club with students, parents, teacher, staff, and community members...promoting relationships, collaboration, and positive outlook on the school and community.

Develop professional development for students and parents through career days, training, evening classes/presentations, and effective involvement. 

Lastly, make a change that will last. Establish the foundation of positive vision, team work,  and standard met teaching. This change takes all to accomplish it as well as the willingness to make an effort to support the change.