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Principal's Corner


We have had a great start to our new school year. Our students have already been busy with the many activities going on. Our school continues to implement PBIS-Dragon Way (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) to create a positive school culture. School expectations were communicated to students on posters, classroom reminders, and assemblies. A big part of PBIS is recognizing students for their positive choices with Dragon Dollars and Praise Notes. Every afternoon, students can cash their Dragon Dollars in at the Dragon Store. We hope to continue to positively motivate our students and remind them that their character counts every day!

I would like to thank all the parents for their support.

September is Attendance Awareness Month. A good attendance record is another predictor of student’s success. Our goal is to improve Average Daily Attendance (ADA).

To meet our goal, we need your help. Please be sure to take vacations or family trips during the schools' regular holidays and breaks. Also, please schedule doctor and other appointments after school hours. If this is not possible, please make every attempt to have your student attend at least part of the school day. If your child is sick or staying home from school, be sure and call the school. When students are not in school, they may be able to make up an assignment, but they cannot make-up the missed instructional time by a fully creditable teacher. Please establish at home to help ensure your child arrives at school on time. Please help up in developing positive attendance patterns for all students. Thank you for your help and cooperation.