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Principal's Corner

Beginning of Year


It is with great excitement that we start this school year welcoming our new and returning families to Cooper County R-IV. This year we will continue to set and reach new goals, working hard, and taking our school and students performance to higher levels. 

As a school, we are here to support all our families and students, by any means necessary, to ensure we maximize the potential of our students. We look forward partnering with our parents and community to provide the high quality education Cooper County R-IV is so proud of!

This year our students can look forward to encountering a challenging academic program that will push them daily to think and work together. We are confident that with the support of our teachers our kids will become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers, and prolific writers. We want our students to be Life Ready and to be prepared to contribute in a positive manner to our communities. 

We will continue to work with our students promoting our Dragon Way as our core concepts: Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. We will encourage our students to get involved in the many activities that Cooper County R-IV has to offer, which may include participating in clubs, organizations, intramural, athletics, or performance groups. By participating in activities, students heighten their experiences at Cooper County R-IV. 

Welcome to Cooper County R-IV. With our students, parents, and community members help, we can maintain the tradition of excellence for which Cooper County R-IV is known for. 

Have a fantastic year!

Mrs. Huth