Dear Parents and Patrons, 

Your school board and administrators have worked very hard to update our security policies and keep your students and staff as safe as possible in these uncertain times. As always, change is hard. For our students, it is sometimes difficult to understand the reasons why the rules become more stringent or the policies are changed. Bunceton schools are grappling with some of these safety changes and we need your help. 

 At our board meeting last week, and in light of the recent school violence events in nearby districts, we discussed many small changes that could make a big difference in the safety of your students. 

 All classroom doors will now remain locked. Only teachers or administrators will be opening doors, and no student will be permitted to open doors from the inside. All outside doors will be locked at all times, and visitors must come through the secured entrance. Visitors must get a visitor's pass from the office, whereby they sign in and out of the building. 

The district has increased internet security and has signed on with GoGuardian to help monitor student activity, which will alert teachers and administration to potential problems. We also are looking into higher quality and an increased quantity of security cameras. 

 Finally, no student will be allowed to carry backpacks to classrooms. All junior and senior high students will be allowed to keep their backpacks and books in their lockers and have 4 minutes between classes to visit their lockers for supplies. This cuts down on classroom distractions, frees up classroom space, and reduces the chances that contraband items may be brought into the classroom. 

Please help your students understand that we hold their safety in highest regard! We appreciate the opportunity to teach them, and we hold that time sacred. By reducing distractions, increasing safety measures and consistently monitoring our surroundings, we hope to provide your student with an excellent education in a safe and secure environment.

 Please help us by reviewing these increased safety measures with your student and letting them know the importance of these changes. As always, we thank you for your help and support. 

Truly, Dragons Roar Stronger Together! 

 Dr. Anderson