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Project Yellow Light Scholarship Due April 1st.

GRHS Youth Essay Contest Due March 31st

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My Future

What are you doing with your future? Lets figure it out!

Mapping the Future

This is an excellent tool for students as well as parents...find out what it really takes to get where our dreams are.

Student Guide to Financial Aid

Get the low down on Financial Aid.

Free Financial Aid Application Federal Student Aid

This is the site for Free Application to FAFSA.

Federal Student Aid

Explore this site for Federal Student Aid.

Federal Aid Page

All the Financial Aid information needed.

College and Unversities
Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Explore the 50 States Colleges and Universities.

Princeton Review: College Links

Review the Colleges here!

College Planning

What a way to plan for college and post secondary!

Career and Technical Education
Vocational Information Center

Explore all the different careers available through technical educaiton.

Career Activities
Aerial Reconnaissance Simulation

Communications skills and following directions are important career skills.  This is a fun activity that provides step-by-step directions to build a "super" paper airplane.

Basic Business Etiquette

Sometimes it may seem there are so many little rules to follow that it just shouldn't’t matter. However, today manners matter more than ever. Because the world is changing, rules of behavior are changing as well.

Big 6 Project Planner

Like everything else, any research project is easier to do if we take the time to plan what we need to accomplish.  Here is a planning guide that can be used for virtually any other research or creative project.  Research is a process and it is probably the first thing to review when starting to research careers.

Business and Dinning Etiquette

Being polite and considerate in all our relationships helps promote understanding.  Etiquette is important in business too, here's some tips.

Business Etiquette and International Business

Being sensitive to other cultures is important.  This handout explains how to work with global communities and suggests some helpful Websites to learn more.

Business Etiquette and Schmoozing

Schmoozing is an interpersonal communication style and a skill, a way of connecting with people and developing relationships through comfortable and pleasurable conversation

Business Etiquette Fact Sheet

Business etiquette is another term for manners. No one was ever hired or promoted simply because he or she had good manners; however, being polite and considerate in business and work dealings may favorably tip the scales between two who are equally qualified.

Career Activities

Here is are some suggestions for different types of activities to help students more fully explore careers.

Career Activities 1-12

This comprehensive set of career exploration activities emphasize identifying interests and goals.

Career Activities 13-30

These activities continue to develop career exploration skills by focusing on career paths.

Career Activities Answer Sheet

Use with some of the activities above.

Career Are Everywhere Activities Workbook

Children start exploring careers as early as the elementary grades.  Here are some suggestions to help young children begin to think about careers.

Career Bingo Lesson Plan

Here's a fun way to look at different careers with an traditional favorite B I N G O !  This complete lesson has directs, BINGO sheets, everything you need.

Career Bingo Description of Careers

This collection of career descriptions extends our bingo game to cover more occupations.

Career Bingo Activity Worksheet

Here's a handout to get started playing BINGO.

Career Clusters Inventory Sheet

Before we look at careers, its helpful to look closely at ourselves.

Career Cruising

 Here is a  set of 13 activities to start the process of career exploration

Career Development Tips for

Talking to children about careers is important - these are also fun activities to share.

Career Education Activities Suggested by Grade Level

Ever wonder if you are doing enough to plan a career?  Here are some suggestions for different activities for different age groups.

Career Exploration Activities

Use this form to document the different types of career projects you try - keeping track of what you have done and what you have learned is important.  Its also the starting point for building a career portfolio.

Career Exploration Student Worksheet

This 2-column form makes it easy to research 2 different careers - it even includes some helpful Websites to start your search with

Career Readiness
Career Aptitude Test, Career Interest Test, Job Fit Test

This website is really cool! Check it out and see what your in your pathways...

Career Quiz

You do have to set up a profile, however, it is free!

3 Step Career Quiz

What an awesome way to figure out if I am in the right, course of study, career path, job!

Teen Job Skills

This is a neat publication for teens to become aware of the jobs around them and what it takes to pursue it...there is more than meets the eye.

Summer and Seasonal Jobs for Teens

Way Cool! A way to explore jobs specifically for teens!

Kid & Teen Career Advise

Excellent Career Planning Website!

Job Interview Strategies for Teens

Great ideas for Teens to learn to relax and be prepared during a job interview.

Teen Jobs

Great way for teens to explore jobs.

How to Job Search

This is a step by step way to search for jobs.

150 Job Hunting Tips

Great ways to job hunt.

Skills Search

Great tool to explore your interest and match it with an occupation.

Job Hunters Bible

Everything you need to find a job.

Career Voyage

This website will take you on a voyage to plan your career.

Career Magazine

The latest information on careers.

Career First- Resume

Helping you design your first resume.

Career Key

The key to starting the career engine.

Career Journal

Updated news on careers from The Wall Street Journal.

Career Blueprint

How to create your career blueprint and more.

All About Careers

Anything you want to know about careers.

Career Guide to Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides tons of information including an Occupational Outlook Handbook.

America's Career InfoNet: Videos

Videos on choosing careers, skills, options, what to do if you loose your job.