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Anderson, Kathryn Superintendent
Emde, Brian Assistant Principal and AD
Huth, Jessica Principal

Bauer, Krystalyn Science
Blake, Sheila Library Media Specialist/FACS
Emde, Chelsea Grade 1
Goyer, Casandra Middle School Science and Communication Arts
Hays, Ashton PreK
Kincaid, Seth Middle School Math and Social Studies
McKee, Robert HS Math
Page, Sandy Fifth Grade
Parker, Tamara 2nd Grade
Pirtle, Jerry HS English
Pirtle, Seth Business
Ray, Dustin K-12 Physical Education
Ray, Rebecca Music
Ray, Tammy Title 1
Reichel, Cynthia Counselor
Schultz, Angela Fourth Grade
Scott, Kimberly 3rd Grade
Thompson, Belinda Middle and High School Social Studies
Vernon-Farrugia, Marsha K-12 Special Services
Wolpers, Jessica Kindergarten

Brizendine, Amy Asst. Cook
Fountain, Tina Bus Driver
Goyer, Sean Para
Haslag, Ashley Health Aide
Hein, Russell Maintenance
Jones, Christal Administrative Assistant
Moser, Bill Maintenance
Schick, Bill Tech Coordinator
Scott, Glenda Bus Driver
Simmons, Sharon Special Ed. Para
Tate, Rita Cook/Maintenance
Tuttle, Jeannie Head Cook
Voss, Nancy PAT Coordinator