Website Updates and Changes

Parents, remember that sports schedules are subject to change. However, the school website is updated as soon as we get that information. We invite you to check the website often for any changes. We will try to send out a school reach for any changes that happen suddenly, and apologize for any inconvenience these changes have caused. We appreciate our parents and patrons who support our athletics programs, and we will continue work hard to let you know about schedule changes as soon as we are aware of them.

Parents, Community, & Patrons

The Bunceton School District would like our patrons to know that we encourage and appreciate parent involvement in our school activities. We deeply value the school-to-family partnership and recognize that according to research, parent involvement in school activities has a highly positive effect on student outcomes socially, emotionally, and academically.  Furthermore, we are always seeking new ways to cultivate the school-to-family relationship and welcome your ideas and suggestions. We encourage you to join us in planning and preparing to meet the needs of your student(s) by joining our Parent Teacher Association, attending school events and activities, and becoming involved with our Community School Advisory Board. At Bunceton, we believe that "Together, each achieves more!"